Retail Loss Prevention
Loss Prevention Solutions for the retail sector
Bespoke services for your business

Large or small businesses - we can make a difference

We pride ourselves on bespoking services to the retail sector.  There are a number of options below which are examples of the type of work we can complete for you.  However any contract length or work will be considered.
  1. Full commitment
    We can deliver a long term contract for your business. 6 months to 6 years, our time will be focussed on your business.
  2. Projects
    Specific project delivery of an end to end project. We can start with the problem, find solutions, build business cases, negotiate prices and deliver the program.
  3. Small businesses
    Day by day support for smaller businesses. We can deliver advice and guidance in how to maximise your profit and reduce loss.
  4. Hourly service
    Completed over phone, Skype (or equivalent), we can deliver hourly advice through our online consultancy service.
  5. Training days
    Delivery of full bespoke training days focussed on the areas of loss that are most important to your business. Initial consultation and build of the training program is all included.
  6. Engagement days
    Struggling to get people in your business on side? We can deliver facilitated meetings with the relevant members of the teams to drive engagement of your plan.
  7. Supplier Innovation
    Frontline advice on what retailers really need to tackle loss, how to capture loss and solution feasibility.